Special Love Back Kavach is made by our Guruji himself after chanting one lakh jap with hom and hawan infront of the diety.

Basically Vashikaran is the process of control and attract any desire person towards  you and bring him or her in your life by using Vashikaran, where ’Vashi’ means the process of getting control on someone  and  ’karan’ means the process of controlling or attracting that person for you. With help of Vashikaran you can attain your beloved person or lost love in your life again because vashikaran is the strongest way that provides  you the best controlling and the most attracting power.

Product Cost : ₹31000

So Many times we find that life is out of our control. We find ourselves in a position of extreme stress, lack of peace and harmony, high degree of anxiety, friction in relationship with others, bad investments, faltering business, stagnation in life and profession, decreasing financial prospects,insecure feeling, repeated failures and sheer bad luck - Though we involve our best efforts, hard work, intelligence and good intentions

Get ultimate goals in Brilliant Career, Excellent Employment, Divine Marriage Bindings, Easy solution to Political, Social & Economic Hassles and get rid off Graha Dosh, Kalsarpo Dosh, Mangalik Dosh, Sani Saresati etc. instead off your planetary position forming a daridra yoga / enormous debt / obstacles in functioning business / delay marriage / not getting desire partner / problem in conceiving baby / un satisfied sexual life & Divorce.