After some fundamental and technical analysis some people purchase share

of suitable companies but they fail to see the uncertainties of the future

events. As compared with other investments the stock markets are

speculative. Only few lucky people succeed in making money from Stock


As per Vedic Astrology, Mercury controls the emotions as well as

nervous system of individuals. Moon controls mind. Where ever Mars and

Saturn unite there is a spurt of violent activities of human beings, It has

been proved statistically. Similarly, Every man knows that his behavior

pattern is not the same every day. Some day he feels high and on some day

he feels low and the reason is not known to him. It can concluded from this

planetary movements have an effect on mass psychology and having said so

with reference to planetary movements. It proves these planets and their

transiting position effects human behavior as such as stock market trends.

Thus, Vedic Astrology can help to understand stock market fluctuations.

It is more important to prepare a ’Stock Market Chart’ as important

as native’s Birth Chart. To create a ’Stock Market Chart’ we use IPO’s First

Tread Day as a Birth Day and opening time of trades is Birth Time and

place of Company is its Birth Place.

So Many times we find that life is out of our control. We find ourselves in a position of extreme stress, lack of peace and harmony, high degree of anxiety, friction in relationship with others, bad investments, faltering business, stagnation in life and profession, decreasing financial prospects,insecure feeling, repeated failures and sheer bad luck - Though we involve our best efforts, hard work, intelligence and good intentions

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