When we listen the word ’love’ our mind goes to different realm. That may be dreamy stage or the practical, we just like to feel the word. The word caries trust, closeness and much more. To get a real love really you have to be enough lucky, because it is so rare nowadays that you can compare with the

water in desert. Whom we see everyday in park, pubs and other places walking together, having food together and sharing their everything with each other are mostly just maintaining a relationship which is based on give and take policy, based on some conditions, sometimes it may be related to your look or money or how successful you are.

Where there is ’condition’ love can not exit there. Real unconditional love only knows to give, do not expect anything in return. We have seen so many love marriages they had maintained a relationships of several years and after that they got married and just within few days of marriage they part with each other.

The main reason of separation was that they failed to chose their life partner due to less knowledge in ’Matchmaking Astrology’. Seventh House prediction is the most important part of Conjugal Life.

So Many times we find that life is out of our control. We find ourselves in a position of extreme stress, lack of peace and harmony, high degree of anxiety, friction in relationship with others, bad investments, faltering business, stagnation in life and profession, decreasing financial prospects,insecure feeling, repeated failures and sheer bad luck - Though we involve our best efforts, hard work, intelligence and good intentions

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